Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sarah the Whale (Dixie)

Song begins at 1:44
Words: traditional. Melody: "Dixie".
Rise Up Singing chapter: Play, p.170 under "A Horse Named Bill"
C - / F FG7 / C - / G7 C

In Frisco bay there lives a whale
And she eats pork chops by the pail
By the hatbox, by the pillbox
By the hogshead and schooner

Her name is Sarah and she's a peach
[alt: Her name is Lena and she's a peach]
But don't leave food within her reach
Or babies, or nursemaids / airedales
Or chocolate ice cream sodas

She loves to laugh and...

She knows no games so...

I went up in...

The balloon turned up with...

Oh, what can you do in a case like that?...

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  1. Hello Mathew - Thank you for Sarah the whale. What fun. thanks, Bruce