Friday, December 31, 2010

Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle

D - Em A / D - A D / - - - A / G D Em A / Bm A D A D / Bm A D A D

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella

D - Em A / D - A D / - - - A / G D Em A / Bm A D A D / Bm A D A D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

In Montréal with my brother. This one was a request, and a bonus. I play it in C.

I haven't backfilled all the videos between my last post and the present yet, but for anyone who links themself only to this blog, know that there are about 2 months of recent songs on YouTube that I haven't gotten around to posting yet. Honestly, I'd recommend you just go to my YouTube channel, since it's the same thing, but for those who love the blog format, I'll be filling in the ghost videos in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Up On the Housetop (Christmas Bonus)

A Christmas song that you can't find in the Rise Up Singing songbook. It's a quickie. That's a friend of mine sleeping back there. He's got a really nice apartment. Lots of wood, and a very homey kitchen.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Black Socks

With Amber and Austin fresh from Nepal (them, not me) singing rounds in Bangkok.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Canoe Round (My Paddle's Keen and Bright)

My paddle's keen and bright, flashing like silver
Swift as the wild goose flight, dip, dip and swing...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Rose, Rose (Round)

Amber and Austin and I do up another round for you. There was another houseguest over with them at my place, but only these two made it on camera.

Rose rose rose rose
Will I ever see thee wed
I will marry at thy will, sir
At thy will

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Come Follow (Round)

Round number two with Amber and Austin. Round number one was "Ah, Poor Bird". Click back for it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ah, Poor Bird

A round with Amber and Austin.

Ah, poor bird
Take thy flight
Far above the sorrow
Of this sad night

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Viva la quince brigada

From the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chanukkah's Here (Hanukkah)

By Lisa Baydush
A Rise Up Singing project bonus
Happy Hanukkah, everyone. Here's Matisyahu's "Miracle":

C Cmaj7 F G / / / C - G -

Chanukah's here, it's time to celebrate
Chanukah's here, it's time to celebrate
Chanukah's here, it's time to celebrate now

Chanukah's here, let's light the candles (right) (3x) now

Chanukah's here, let's spin the dreidel 'round (3x) now
Chanukah's here, let's eat the latkes (right) (3x) now
Chanukah's here, let's open presents (right) (3x) now
Chanukah's here, let's spend time with family (3x) now

You can learn more about Lisa Baydush and her music here:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Many and the Few (R.U.S. Hanukkah Bonus)

Also, for a not-to-be-missed Hanukkah music video, check out Matisyahu's new song, Miracle:

Words and music by Woody Guthrie
Chords: D - - G / D - Bm - / D - - G / D G D -

My name is King Cyrus, my order I give

You Jews can go back to your home

To build your holy temple again

In the land of Palestine.

We've sung and danced o'er the hot rocky roads

Back to Eretz Yisroel's land

We worked with plow and rake and hoe

And we blessed the works of our hands

My name is Ezra the Teacher man

I brought my scroll book along

I brought my flock to Yisroel

From that land called Babylon

I'll read you my Talmud Torah book

And the prophet's dreams to you

And you'll be fertile and multiply

If you keep your Torah true

My name is Alexander the Great

More than half of this wide world is mine

Come stand around, my servants all

I'm wrapped on my bed here to die

As the King of Syria and Palestine

Antiochus the Fourth, you'll stand

To kill the Jews if they refuse
To worship our idols and gods

My name is Hannah, my first born son

Now stands before this king

Guilty of keeping the Sabbath laws

By the soldiers I see him slain

It's one by one my seven sons

In front of my eyes cut down

For keeping to the Torah laws

I pay with my warm blood now

My name is Mattathias, I've got five sons

In Modin City we dwell

They tried to make me bow down to their gods

Two of the King's flunkeys I killed

A hundred or more who'll fight to be Jews

Did come to these hills with me

On my death bed your leader I'll name

'Tis Judah, the Macabee

My name is Judah, the Macabee

By the name of the hammer I'm called

We'll pray to God before every fight

Till all of our enemies fall

Appolonius, the Governor, this day I killed

And his army we did bust

Some few of his soldiers run away in the wind

But most we've dropped dead in the dust

Syron is my name, from Syria came

To destroy that fool Macabee

My army was great, his army was small

But he somehow did win over me

To deliver the many to the hands of his few

For God this is no trick at all

In a few short hours my army did break

And we flooded this valley with blood

My name is Lysias, I dreamed up a plan

To burn the Jews tents as they slept

When I got there, their tents were all bare

And the Macabee's army had left

He stormed my own camp as my soldiers did sleep

And he killed several thousand in fear

My elephants, my horsemen, my footsoldiers, all

Judah hammered them down from the rear

My name is Jerusalem where Judah came back

To build up my Temple once more

To cut down the weeds and thorny brush

That grows 'round my windows and doors

Whole stones, whole stones, we'll build and pray

To God as a wholehearted Jew

God's love the hateful many did place

In the hands of a God loving few

We found in our temple a little oil jug

Just enough for the lamps for one night

That one little jug burned Eight whole days

And it kept our new temple in light

Eight candles we'll burn and a Ninth one too

Every New Year that comes and goes

We'll think of the many in the hands of the few

And thank God we are seeds of the Jews

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Hug (Song)

New song for today from the Rise Up Singing songbook, and I'm even right now in the process of going and filling in the missing chords and lyrics from the last few I've posted. Enjoy. Maybe sing along.
Uh oh, I see that the audio gets unsynchronized a little into the video. Um, you're just going to have to deal, because I just deleted the original. Oops. But if for some reason you can't figure out the song without synced audio, let me know, and I'll redo it, no worries.

By Fred Small
Verses: C - / FG C / - - / D G / C Em / Dm C / - F / G C
Chorus: C - / F - / G - / - C ://

Dan Murrow is a mighty friendly man
He's big and round like a bear
He hugs his friends and his friends hug him
Anytime, anywhere
His patients would come for therapy
To drive their blues away
And sooner or later they'd feel a lot better
'Cause this is what he'd say

I want a hug (I want a hug) when we say hello
I want a hug (I want a hug) when it's time to go
I want a hug (...) 'cause I want you to know
I'm awfully fond of you
I want a hug (...) what a wonderful feeling
I want a hug (...) to feel you squeezing
I want a hug (...) it certainly feels
Like the natural thing to do

I want a hug (I want a hug) when we say hello
I want a hug (I want a hug) when it's time to go
I want a hug (...) 'cause everyone knows
That hugging is good for you
I want a hug (...) what a wonderful feeling
I want a hug (...) it's part of the healing
I want a hug (...) 'cause hugging feels
Like the natural thing to do

But when the head of the hospital heard about it
He got all annoyed
'Cause hugging is sexual sublimation
According to Doctor Freud
You can beat 'em down, you can hide 'em away
You can keep 'em quiet with drugs
You can strap 'em and zap 'em with electroshock
But you'd better not give 'em a hug

So the boss says, "Dan, clean out your desk
Your conduct is lax and lewd
Any deviation from the standard medical
Practice can get us sued"
But Dan don't feel too bad for himself
He's really kind of proud
But he's sorry for the people who are locked away
Where hugging ain't allowed

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Turning Toward the Morning

Song begins at 0:34
By Gordon Bok
Rise Up Singing chapter: Hope, p.119
Verses: C - F - / C - F G - / C - F - / C G F G
Chorus: G - C - / C - F G - / C - F - / C G F G
As you can see, they're the same but for the first line. The Am I throw into the chorus just for fun makes the pattern look like this:
Chorus: G - C - / C Am F G - / C - F - / C G F G

When the deer is bedded down and the bear is gone to ground
And the northern goose has wandered off to warmer bay and sound
It's so easy in the cold to feel the darkness of the year
And the heart is growing lonely for the morning

Oh my Joanie don't you know that the stars are swinging slow
And the seas are rolling easy as they did so long ago?
If I had a thing to give you I would tell you one more time
That the world is always turning toward the morning

Now October's growing thin and November's coming home
You'll be thinking of the season and the sad things that you've seen
And you hear that old wind walking, hear him singing high and thin
You could swear he's out there singing of your sorrows

When the darkness falls around you and the North Wind comes to blow
And you hear him call your name out as he walks the brittle snow
That old wind don't mean you trouble, he don't care or even know
He's just walking down the darkness toward the morning

It's a pity we don't know what the little flowers know
They can't face the cold November, they can't take the wind and snow
They put their glories all behind them, bow their heads and let it go
But you know they'll be there shining in the morning

Now my Joanie don't you know, that the days are rolling slow
And the winter's walking easy as he did so long ago?
And if the wind should come and ask you, "Why's my Joanie weeping so?"
Won't you tell him that you're weeping for the morning?

Also, my face is a little stretched fatwise because I also haven't quite got the hang of video reformatting. Love to you guys. Have a good day.