Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All Clear in Harrisburg

By Tom Paxton
Rise Up Singing chapter: Ecology, p.34

Verse chords:
C A7 / DG C / - A7 / D G
F C / F E7 / F CA7 / DG C
Chorus chords:
G - / C - G - / C GC

You can return to your homes now, citizens
You can come back to the nest
The nuclear episode is history now
It all turned out for the best
Pregnant women and pre-school kids
Can get off of the bus
And, of course, if you live downwind
You'll be hearing from us

You just might glow in the dark, grow feathers just like a lark
Stand in the fountain and light up the park
What can I say? The chance is you may
Blow yourself and half of Pennsylvania away

You can return to your homes now, citizens
It was a terrible mess
There never really was a danger to you
It was the fault of the press
They made a mountain of a molehill again
They always do it, somehow
Oh, by the way, I wouldn't eat that egg
Or drink the milk from that cow

You can come back to the town now, citizens
The town is perfectly clean
And please believe us, you have nothing to fear
If now and then you turn green
Three Mile Island has your welfare at heart
We're just so glad you're alive
And we just want to provide cheap energy
For the ones who survive

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  1. Great as a learning tool! Thanks!