Friday, February 26, 2010

The Prisoner's Song (R.U.S. Bonus)

Recorded in 1925 by Vernon Dalhart. He did make some recordings with Thomas Alva Edison, but this wasn't one of the songs he did. A commenter on a video of his version (see bottom) claims that a singer named Frank Crummett recorded the song before Dalhart. I don't really care who recorded it first, which makes me wish I hadn't said anything about it in the video.

A.K.A. "I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me"
Chords: D D7 G - / A A7 D - ://
Oh, I wish I had someone to love me
Someone to call me their own
Oh, I wish I had someone to live with
'Cause I'm tired of livin' alone

Oh, please meet me tonight in the moonlight
Please meet me tonight all alone
For I have a sad story to tell you
It's a story that's never been told

I'll be carried to the new jail tomorrow
Leaving my poor darling alone
With the cold prison bars all around me
And my head on a pillow of stone

Now I have a grand ship on the ocean
All mounted with silver and gold
And before my poor darlin' would suffer
Oh, that ship would be anchored and sold

Now if I had the wings of an angel
Over these prison walls I would fly
And I'd fly to the arms of my poor darlin'
And there I'd be willing to die

Here's Vernon Dalhart doing it:

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