Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Singing For Our Lives

By Holly Near, whose version of the song can be downloaded for free from her website

Rise Up Singing chapter: Struggle, p.218
D - G D / A - D A / D - G D / A - G D
You have the option (one of an infinite number, I suppose) of staying on G (skipping the D) at the very end of the chord pattern, while you sing or say over it the upcoming line, to prompt those singing along. That's what I do. You'll see in the video.

1. We are a gentle, angry people
And we are singing, singing for our lives (repeat everything once)

2. A justice-seeking people
3. An anti nuclear people
4. An anti racist people
5. An anti-sexist people
6. Young and old together
7. Gay and straight together (Gay and lesbian people)
8. A land of many colours (colors)
9. We stand for women of all nations
10. We are all in this together

I wouldn't recommend singing absolutely all these verses. I haven't heard Holly Near herself sing all of them in one performance, either. If you sing all 3 "anti-something" options, it might get overly repetitive. Then again, as you like...

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