Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Children Go Where I Send Thee

In "Negro Religious Songs", American Library of Congress
Rise Up Singing chapter: Spirituals, p.208
D - / - - //: D - ://* D G / DA D
(*stay on that D for as long as necessary while you're counting down the numbers)

Children, go where I send thee / How shall I send thee?
I'm gonna send thee 1 by 1 / One for the little bitty baby
Was born, born / Born in Bethlehem

2 for Paul and Silas
3 for the Hebrew children
4 for the four who stood at the door
6 for the six that never got fixed
7 for the seven that never got to heaven
8 for the eight who stood at the gate
9 for the nine who looked so fine
10 for the Ten Commandments
11 for the eleven who went up to heaven
12 for the twelve apostles

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