Friday, July 17, 2009

RUS Bonus: Bring 'Em Home

A Rise Up Singing bonus, meaning that this song isn't in the Rise Up Singing songbook, but I'm singing it anyway. Here are the chords and lyrics. Enjoy.

Words and music by Pete Seeger
(From Broadside #71, June 1966: "A woman told me, 'I'm praying every night, please bring my son home safe.' I told her, 'Haven't you learned the lesson of the song WE SHALL OVERCOME? There's no solution for you or your son or me and my son unless it's a solution for all of us. It's got to be 'WE' or there's no solving the problem.' Now I don't claim this song is as good as it should be. But I was hoping for a song which would be good for a group of people to sing over and over again, and a frame in which new verses could be improvised, and the melody and harmony developed as the singers got with it.")

Chords: C - / Am - / F C / G C
If you love your Uncle Sam / Bring 'em home, bring 'em home
Support our boys in Vietnam / Bring 'em home, bring 'em home

If you love the U.S.A. / Bring...
Bring our troops back home today / Bring...

If you love this land of the free / ...
Bring them back from overseas / ...

If you love the true north strong and free
Support our men and women overseas

It'll make our generals sad I know
They want to tangle with the foe

We'll give no more brave young lives
For the gleam in someone's eyes

The world's got hunger and ignorance
You can't feed that with bombs and guns

I may be right I may be wrong
But I got a right to sing this

Now there's one thing I must confess
I'm not really a pacifist

If an army invaded this land of mine
You'd find me out on the firing line

Even if they brought their planes to bomb
Helicopters and napalm

Show these generals their fallacy
They don't have the right weaponry

The world needs housing, food and schools
And learning a few universal rules

So if you love our Uncle Sam
Support our boys in Vietnam

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