Thursday, July 2, 2009

The E-ri-ee

Traditional American (US)
Rise Up Singing chapter: Traveling, p.232
Verses: G - GD G / GD GC GD G
Chorus: G - GD G / GD GC / GD G / GD G

Verses and chorus are the same chord pattern, with the last three chords repeated for the chorus

Lyrics taken from the internet, not quite the same as R.U.S.:

We were forty miles from Albany, forget it I never shall
What a terrible storm we had one night on the E-ri-e Canal.

Oh, the E-ri-e was a-rising and the gin was a-gettin' low
And I scarcely think we'll get a drink
'Till we get to Buff-a-lo-o-o
'Till we get to Buffalo

We were loaded down with barley we were chock-full up on rye
The captain he looked down at me with his goll-darned wicked eye

Well, two days out of Syracuse the vessel struck a shoal
We were like to all be drownded on a chunk o' Lackawanna coal.

We hollered to the captain on the towpath, treadin' dirt
He jumped on board and stopped the leak with his old red flannel shirt

The cook she was a grand old gal stood six foot in her socks
Had a foot just like an elephant and her breath would open locks

The wind begins to whistle the waves begin to roll
We had to reef our royals on that ragin' canal

The cook came to our rescue she had a ragged dress
We hoisted her upon the pole as a signal of distress

The captain, he got married and the cook, she went to jail
And I'm the only son of a gun that's left to tell the tale

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