Monday, July 13, 2009

The Lucretia Mott Song

Words by Margaret Hope Bacon; melody, traditional (Battle Hymn of the Republic)
Rise Up Singing chapter: Women, p.248

Lucretia Mott short biography:
Longer biography:

G - - - / C - G - / - - - Em / C D G -
For some reason Rise Up Singing incudes a B7 in the chord patterns to the other songs of the same melody in the book, and omits it here. I think it's important. Here it is in its rightful place:
G - - - / C - G - / - - B7 Em / C D G -

On the island of Nantucket she was born beside the sea
All her long life she fought bravely to make slaves and women free
And she told us that where God dwells there must be true liberty
And her light still shines for me

Thank thee kindly, Friend Lucretia (3x)
For thy light still shines for me

In the town of Philadelphia she hid the fleeing slaves
For the freedom of her sisters she dared cross the ocean waves
And she asked Ulysses Grant to grant a pardon for the braves...

"Let's bring an end to poverty" the gentle Quaker pled
"Let's give the workers all a chance to earn their daily bread
Let the nations live in peace again just as our Lord has said"...

Throughout the busy cities and across the countryside
She preached one simple message, "Oh, let Truth be e'er thy guide
Mind the light within thee and let love with thee abide"...

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