Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wishing the Days Away (Bonus)

A cover of this Billy Bragg song from the album Victim of Geography (although I first heard it on Reaching to the Converted).
Chords and lyrics (in an extremely easy-to-read layout) at

On Monday I wished that it was Tuesday night
So I could wish for a weekend to come
On Tuesday I wished that the night would pass
So I could call you on the phone
Now a man can spend a lot of time
Wondering what was on Jack Ruby's mind
And time is all I have without you here

On Wednesday when you hung up

It was as much as I could do
To stop from wishing Thursday
Would pass so quickly too
They're out there making history
In the Lenin Shipyards today
And here I am in the Hammersmith Hotel
Wishing the days away

There's always room for one more soul
Down in the Human Zoo
I don't want you to come here though
I want to come home to you
Somebody's knocking at the door
It's later than I think
And it's time to put on these stinking clothes
And get out there and stink

On Friday I wished that there was something more
To be seen in the letters you send
On Saturday I wished it was Sunday
Oh will this torment ever end
Sometimes I take a notion
To put a torch
to the tools of my trade
Here I am in the Hammersmith Hotel
Wishing the days away

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