Friday, May 14, 2010

The Coming of the Road

Song begins at 2:05
Why I think this song is sad: 6:25
By Billy Ed Wheeler
Rise Up Singing chapter: Mountain Voices, p.144
Chords I play:
A E F#m - / D E A - / - E F#m B / D - E - :// A B E - / D E A - / A E G F#m* / D - E - A - - -

*R.U.S. has that F#m as an F#(major), and an alternative for the whole line is / A E D B /

Chords written in R.U.S. (capo up two frets to get the chords I play)
G D Em - / C D G - / - D Em A / C - D - :// G A D - / C D G - / G D F E* / C - D - G - - -

*Alternate penultimate line is / G D C A /

Oh, now that our mountain is growing
With people hungry for wealth
How come it's you that's a-going
And I'm left alone by myself?
We used to hunt the cool caverns
Deep in our forest of green
Then came the road and the tavern
And you found a new love, it seems

Once I had you and the wildwood
Now it's just dusty roads
And I can't help from blaming your going*
On the coming, the coming of the roads

Look how they've cut all to pieces
Our ancient poplar and coal (oak??)
And the hillsides are stained with the greases
That burned up the heavens with smoke
You used to curse the bold crewmen
Who stripped our land of its ore
Now you've chaned and you've gone over to them
And you've learned to love what you hated before

Once I thanked God for my treasure

Now like rust it corrodes
And I can't help from blaming your going
On the coming, the coming of the roads

*A little grammar point because I'm a stickler: "I can't help blaming your going" is correct. "I can't keep from blaming your going" is correct. "I can't help from blaming" is non-standard (that's a politically correct way of saying "wrong"). HOWEVER: writers get a lot of leeway the rest of us don't, and Billy Ed Wheeler is an accomplished author who really knows his stuff, so I'm not saying he made a mistake, I'm just saying he chose to use a non-standard construction that happened to jump out at me.

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