Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've Got Sixpence

A camp song, for me. "Owatonna boys" includes me, but that's the way the girls sang it down at Newfound, so that's the way I learned it.

Traditional Australian (Late 19th century military)
Rise Up Singing chapter: Good Times, p.87
D - - A / D G DA D / D - G - / A - DA D

I've got sixpence, jolly, jolly sixpence
I've got sixpence to last me all my life
I've got tuppence to spend and tuppence to lend
And tuppence to take home to my wife, poor wife

A - D - / E7 - A7 - / D - G - / A - D -
A - D - / A - D - GA / D - G - / A - D -
No cares have I to grieve me
No pretty little maids to deceive me
I'm as happy as a lark, believe me
As we go rolling, rolling home
Rolling home, rolling home
By the light of the silvery moon
Happy is the day when we line up for our pay
When we go rolling rolling home

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  1. Nice!! My grandpa use to sing this song. . . And it never did add up to six pence:) I'm looking for the ukulele cords, but u have given me a start. Thanks you.