Monday, May 10, 2010

The Country Life

(Song begins at 0:28)
I know
this song from Dan Zanes
Rise Up Singing chapter: Farm and Prairie, p.49
A traditional English (British Isles) song

A - D E / / / / / A E A -
Oh, I like to rise when the sun she rises
Early in the morning
I like to hear them small birds singing
Merrily upon their laylum (or lay-land/leyland)*
And hurrah for the life of a country boy
And to ramble in the new-mown hay
A - D E / / / A E A -
In the Spring we sow, in the harvest mow
And that’s how the seasons around they go
But of all the times if choose I may
It’s to ramble in the new mown hay
A - D E / / / A E A -
In the Winter when the sky is gray
We edge and ditch our lives away
In the Summer when the sun shines gay
We go ramble in the new mown hay

Here's a link to a Mudcat Café thread on the obscure word 'laylum' and the less obscure 'leyland':
Mudcat Café can be a great resource for information on folk songs, although if you ask me, there are a few too many prescriptive know-it-alls lurking around there. You'll see what I mean.

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