Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Whiffenpoofs' Song

By Meade Minigerode, George S. Pomeroy and Tod B. Galloway
Rise Up Singing chapter: Golden Oldies, p.82

C G7 / - C ://(3x) CC7 FFm / CG7 C
C G DmG C / C G DmG C / Am Dm G Cmaj7 / A Dm DmG C

Here's my favourite rendition of this song.
"The Skulls", based on the Whiffenpoofs of Yale University.

To the tables down at Mory's, to the place where Louis dwells
To the dear old Temple Bar we love so well
Sing the Whiffenpoofs assembled with their glasses raised on high
And the magic of their singing casts its spell
Yes, the magic of their singing of the songs we love so well
"Shall I wasting" and "Mavourneen" and the rest
We will serenade our Louis while life and voice shall last
Then we'll pass and be forgotten with the rest
We are poor little lambs who have lost our way, baa, baa, baa
We are poor little black sheep who have gone astray, baa, baa, baa
Gentlemen songsters off on a spree, damned from here to eternity
God have mercy on such as we, baa, baa, baa

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