Monday, March 29, 2010

Morning Morgantown

By Joni Mitchell, from her album "Ladies of the Canyon"
Rise Up Singing chapter: City, p.20

Verses: A B7 / D A / D A / DA D ://
Chorus: E DA A DA / F DA AD A
(:// means repeat from the beginning - in this case only once.)

When morning comes to Morgantown / The merchants roll their awnings down
The milk trucks make their morning rounds / In morning Morgantown
We'll rise up early with the sun / To ride the bus while everyone
Is yawning and the day is young / In morning Morgantown

Chorus: Morning, Morgantown, buy your dreams a dollar down
Morning, any town you name, morning's just the same

We'll find a table in the shade / And sip our tea and lemonade
And watch the morning on parade / In morning Morgantown
Ladies in their rainbow fashions / Coloured stop and go lights flashing
We'll wink at total strangers passing / In morning Morgantown

I'd like to buy you everything / A wooden bird with painted wings
A window full of coloured rings / In morning Morgantown
But the only things I have to give / To make you smile, to win you with
Are all the mornings still to live / In morning Morgantown

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