Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Waltz Across Texas

By Quannah Talmadge (Billy) Tubb
I was wrong, it's Ernest Tubb you can hear singing it on YouTube, not Billy.
Rise Up Singing chapter: Creativity (I'm not sure why), p.27

A E / - A :// ... or ... C G / - C ://
(:// means repeat from the beginning.)

When we waltz together my world's in disguise
A fairyland tale that's come true
And when you look at me with those stars in your eyes
I could waltz across Texas with you

I could waltz across Texas with you in my arms
Waltz across Texas with you
Like a story book ending I'm lost in your charms
I could waltz across Texas with you

My heartache and trouble are all up and gone
The moment you come into view
And with your hand in mine I could dance on and on
I could waltz across Texas with you

Before I met you I never would dance
I never would dance, it is true
But now we're together, I jumped at the chance
waltz across Texas with you

John Barger was a member of the San Francisco Folk Music Club, and members of that club wrote this next verse about him. Here's a link to his story. (Search the page for his name): http://www.sffmc.org/archives/may04/folknik.html

To you, John Barger, we make this request
There's one thing we want you to do
Just sing one more verse of the song we love best
To waltz across Texas with you


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