Saturday, March 13, 2010

Peter Alsop Cover: Was Saint Patrick Scared?

A Rise Up Singing Project bonus
Peter Alsop is in Rise Up Singing with a good 6 songs, if I remember correctly, but this isn't one of them. So, I'm doing it here as a bonus. It's a song about Saint Patrick, animal welfare, ecosystems, compassion, and overcoming your fear of the creepy, crawly, and unknown.
Peter Alsop:
Peter Alsop singing this song:

Happy name day, Alexia.

DA D / G D / G D / E A
DA D / G - / G D / A D G - / DA D

Saint Pat drove the snakes out of Ireland
Though snakes are God's creatures too
And they probably scared Saint Patrick a bit
And they might even frighten you

But getting rid of all the snakes
Won't make your fear go awayyy
It puts it off for a while
But your fear will come back some day, some day
Your fear will come back some day

So you go somewhere else and get frightened
Maybe by spiders this time
You can crush all the spiders with books you know
But killing them's kind of a crime, 'cause

All life is sacred
In my heart I know it's true
These animals just are trying their best
To stay alive like we do, we do
To stay alive like we do

When you kill the things you're scared of
You lose what you need to explore
To learn to grow and be stronger
To stop being scared like before, so

If you hate spiders and snakes
There's one thing that is clear
If you kill them or crush them or chase them away
You never get rid of your fear, oh noooooo
No, you never get rid of your fear

Those creatures are here for a reason
God made them and She's no fool
We can't avoid life's lessons
We learn that at home and at school

So don't copy old Saint Patrick
Who never conquered his fear
God didn't make this world for just
Us people living here, my dear, no
It's for all of the creatures here

Saint Patrick just felt frightened
Of what us other creatures do
So give us a break, don't be frightened of me
And I won't be frightened of you, oh no
Give us a break, don't be frightened of me
And I won't be frightened of you
Saint Patrick is said to have banished snakes from Ireland by standing on a hill and using a wooden staff to drive the snakes into the sea. Today, there are no indigenous snakes in Ireland.

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