Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Roseville Fair

By Bill Staines, about whom I have nothing but good to say.
Rise Up Singing chapter: Love, p.127

Verses: D DG D - / A - D - ://
Chorus: G A D A / G GA D - ://

Oh, the night was clear and the stars were shining
And the moon came up so quiet in the sky
And the people gathered 'round and the band was a-tuning
I can hear them now, playing "Coming Thro' the Rye"

You were dressed in blue and you looked so lovely
Just a gentle flower of a small-town girl
You took my hand and we stepped to the music
And with a single smile you became my world

And we danced all night to the fiddle and the banjo
Their drifting tunes seemed to fill the air
So long ago, but I still remember
When we fell in love at the Roseville Fair

Now we courted well and we courted dearly
And we'd rock for hours in the front porch chair
Then a year went by from the time that I met you
And I made you mine at the Roseville Fair

(To the tune of the chorus):
So here's a song for all the lovers
And here's a tune that they can share
May they dance all night to the fiddle and the banjo
The way we did at the Roseville Fair

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