Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wade in the Water

This was recorded two days ago, but I considered it junk, since it's an incomplete version. It's amazing how a couple more days without a chance to record have changed my perspective on that. So, here's Wade in the Water in its truncated version. The lyrics from Rise Up Singing appear below in full, still.

Traditional American Spiritual; new verses, Paul Ashton
Rise Up Singing chapter: Freedom, p.63
Dm - - - / - - - ADm
Wade in the water, wade in the water, children
Wade in the water, God's gonna trouble the water

Dm - / - ADm ://
1. Who are those children dressed in red?
God's gonna trouble the waters
Must be the children that Moses led
God's gonna trouble the waters

2.Who are those children dressed in white? / Must be a band of the Israelites
Who are those children dressed in white? / Must be the people getting ready for the fight
3. Dressed in blue / Must be the people gonna see this through
New verses:
4. Dressed in black / Must be the hypocrites turning back
5. He spoke and divided the sea in two / God's gonna trouble..
Allowing all his people to pass on through / God's...
6. He spoke and the water flowed back again...
And drowned the oppressors pursuing them...
7. The enemy's great but my captain's strong...
I'm marching to the city and the road ain't long...

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