Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pretty Peggy-O (version two)

Guess what! I found they have free wireless in the Kuwait City airport. So that's where I'm posting this from. I didn't expect to be able to put it up for at least a day still. In an hour I board my next flight, which is Kuwait to New York (JFK). The Bangkok-Kuwait leg was painless.

Chords in a moment, I even brought Rise Up Singing with me for reference.

Traditional, a.k.a. Pretty Peggy of Derby, The Bonnie Lass of Fyvie-O
Rise Up Singing chapter: Ballads and Old Songs, p.13
D Bm G D / D - - A / G D - Bm / D Bm G D

As we marched down to Fennario (2x)
Our captain fell in love with a lady like a dove
And the name that she was called was pretty Peggy-O

Come go along with me pretty Peggy-O (2x)
[This line would really confuse my English students trying to learn the difference between "come" and "go"]
In coaches you shall ride with your true love by your side
Just as grand as any ladies in the are-o

What would your mother think...for to hear the guineas clink
And the soldiers are all marching before ye-o

You're the man that I adore, Handsome Willy-O
[I capitalized Handsome because I like to think of it as part of his name. Like his title.]
...but your fortune is too low
I'm afraid my mother would be angry-o

Come a-trippin down the stair...and tie back your yellow hair (tie up your yellow hair)
[Stair in the singular but used in the same context as the plural sounds so funny and old-timey, doesn't it?]
Bid a last farewell to Handsome Willy-o

If ever I return...this city I will burn
And destroy all the ladies in the are-o

Our captain he is dead...and he died for a maid
And he's buried in the Louisiana country-o (county-o)

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