Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Did You Learn In School Today? (Inauguration Week Song 1)

U.S. Inauguration Week Special #1:
By Tom Paxton
Rise Up Singing chapter: America, p.6
D - / - A / D - / DA D // G D / / / // D - / DA D

(Song begins at 1:40, finishes at 3:20, and then I talk about it, and a little about Barack Obama's inauguration.)

What did you learn in school today
Dear little boy of mine? (repeat)
I learned that Washington never told a lie
I learned that soldiers seldom die
I learned that everybody's free
And that's what the teacher said to me
That's what I learned in school today
That's what I learned in school

What...? / I learned that policemen are my friends
I learned that justice never ends
I learned that murderers die for their crimes
Even if we make a mistake sometimes / That's...

...I learned that war is not so bad
I learned about the great ones we have had
We fought in Germany and in France
And someday I might get my chance...

...I learned our government must be strong
It's always right and never wrong
Our leaders are the finest men
And we elect them again and again...

Additional, non-Paxton verses. I like the first one, but I tend to ignore the others:

(This one by John Braxton)
...I learned that boys grow into men
Fly up to the moon and back again
That little girls to mommies grow
To stay at home and cook and sew...

...I learned that Columbus looked for land
For Isabella and Ferdinand
To India he was looking for a way
Til he bumped right into the U.S.A... (well, the Bahamas achipelago, anyway)

...I learned that Washington couldn't chew steak
For fear his wooden teeth might break
He rowed across the Delaware
And he caught the British in their underwear...

...I learned and learned and learned some more
Til my eyes got red and my brain got sore
I wander the halls in a state of shock
But it all gets better at 3 o'clock...

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