Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Power And The Glory (Inauguration Week Song 2)

U.S. Inauguration Week Special #2:
By Phil Ochs
Rise Up Singing chapter: America, p.3
(Song begins at 1:47)

Intro: C↓ (Walk down the bass line of C. It's easy. Can't do it? send me a messsage. Advice is free. I can't help you with any fancy stuff, sadly, but walking down the baseline of C? Piece of cake.)
Verses: C - / - Dm / - - / F G
Chorus: Am G / / C Em / F G (I go back to the intro between verses and walk down C again a few times.)

Come on and take a walk with me through this green and growing land
Walk through the meadows and the mountains and the sand
Walk through the rivers, the valleys and the plains
Walk through the sun and walk through the rain

Here is a land full of power and glory
Beauty that words cannot recall
Oh, her power shall rest on the strength of her freedom (freedoms)
Her glory shall rest on us all (on us all)

From Colorado, Kansas and the Carolinas too
Virginia and Alaska, from the old to the new
Texas and Ohio to the California shore
Tell me, who could ask for more?

Yet she's only as rich as the poorest of the poor
Only as free as a padlocked prison door
Only as strong as our love for this land
Only as tall as we stand

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