Sunday, January 25, 2009

America The Beautiful (Inauguration Week Song 7 -Benediction)

Music by Samuel A. Ward, words by Katharine Lee Bates (last verse by Pamela Haines)
Rise Up Singing chapter: America, p.1
G D - GD / G D A D / G D - G / C G CD G

I tend to be skeptical of new add-on verses to songs, but I do this one because it's actually really good, I think. The words, the rhymes, I just think it fits pretty well and brings something new to the song, too, rather than just repeating the theme. So, good job Pamela Haines.

"Oh beautiful for working folk who forged the wealth we see
In farm and mill, in home and school, unsung in history
America! America! may race nor sex nor creed
No more divide, but side by side, all rise united, freed!"

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