Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shalom Chaverim (Round)

Traditional Hebrew
Rise Up Singing chapter: Sacred Rounds and Chants, p.197

No chords, it's a cappella. Rise Up Singing has the melody written out, but I don't know how to do that effectively in plain text. Also, before you have anything to say about my editing technique and the sloppiness thereof: I know. But thanks in advance for the constructive criticism. I thought the audio overlap was close enough for rock and roll, as they say.

Here are two different links to external pages that have the written melody if you're looking for it, as well as midi files if my singing was too off-key for you.


Shalom, chaverim,
Shalom, chaverim,
Shalom! Shalom!
L'hitraot, l'hitraot,
Shalom, Shalom

Or, differently transliterated:

...Le hit ra-ot, le hit ra-ot
Shalom, Shalom

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