Sunday, January 18, 2009


Words: Robert Hunter; music: Jerry Garcia
Rise Up Singing chapter: Hope, p.118
Verses: G - C - / - - - G / - - C - / G D C G
Chorus: Am - D - / G C A D
(Song begins at 3:08)

I talk a little and a lot at the beginning about summer camp and lovely people, lovely Americans that I've met, joy, summer, days off, road trips and the USA.
I mention Sal in Vermont and Nathaniel in Alaska by name. They're wonderful, but far from the only people I'm thinking of. It's just that no one person's essence corresponds with this song and the album, but the essence of experiences and memories I've had with a lot of people does. Sal and Nathaniel remain pretty good guesses, though.
I also mess up the lyrics a little. You'll see.

For great annotated lyrics, go here:

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