Thursday, November 13, 2008

Worried Man Blues

Traditional (US)
Rise Up Singing chapter: Hard Times and Blues, p.105
G - - - / C - - G / - - - - / D - - G

I don't sing all the verses that Rise Up Singing has. Here are the three I leave out.

The train came to the station, 21 coaches long (3x)
The one I love is on that train and gone.

I looked down the track as far as I could see
A little bitty hand was waving after me

If anyone should ask you who made up this song
Tell 'em 'twas I & I sing it all day long

I'm trying to learn the tunes to all the songs in Rise Up Singing from friends, or off recordings I find. If you want to have all the tunes in one place though, one of the editors of Rise Up Singing made teaching CDs, 20 in all, and sells them here for 12$ each:

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