Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hard Times Come Again No More

Words and music by Stephen C. Foster
Rise Up Singing chapter: Hard Times & Blues, p.101
Verse: D - A DG / D DA D - ://
Chorus: D - G D / - - DE A /

I play the chorus a little differently:
D - G D / - - DE A / the first time round, but then
D - G DG / D DA D - / to finish (I'm not clear on why Rise Up Singing has the chorus ending on an A. It sounds wrong to me.)


  1. How come it is that we never hear the background cacophony of traffic noise that one associates with Bangkok. Do you live 50 stories up?

  2. I live 9 stories up and I keep the balcony door closed when I'm recording. It seems to do the trick. There IS a cacophony of traffic outside, however.

  3. I learned Bella Ciao from you the other day
    and was pleasantly surprised to find that you did this song as well which by coincidence is the next song that I am tackling. Thank you so much for your effort