Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twofer! God Bless the Grass and The Lakes of Ponchetrain

Today is another twofer (a term I learned off the cover of a Doc Watson CD). God Bless the Grass, followed by The Lakes of Ponchetrain (Pontchartrain) by our first guest performer! Check it out below.

Words and music by Malvina Reynolds
Rise Up Singing chapter: Ecology, p.35
Am - AmE Am / E - AmE Am
C Am C Am / F Am CD E / Am E Am -

Now video two: guest performer! Sal from Vermont sent this in for me to share with you. I wish I'd made the audio better, but it was in a .ogg file, which I couldn't really figure out what to do with. I'll come back and retrofit this movie when I do, though.

Rise Up Singing chapter: Ballads & Old Songs, p.12
G D C G Em C G - / - - Em D G - C - / / 1st

Sal and I were both introduced to this song by The Be Good Tanyas, from Vancouver, who have, as I mention in the video, a pretty special sound.

P.S. Ponchetrain/Pontchartrain, whatev.


  1. Vaughan,
    That video would have been far more entertaining if you had lip synced and fake guitar strummed while the audio was playing. I think that would have been fun to watch.

    Sal :)

  2. Next time, next time I will. In this one all you can see is me dithering in the next room, hanging out not realizing I'm still on camera.