Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bonus: Aikendrum (The Scottish One)

Ye Jacobites By Name - Robert Burns (starts at 1:50)
Aikendrum - James Hogg (starts at 4:37)
Em - G D / Em G Em - / G - D - /
Em - G D / Em G Em -

Some links:
Lyrics and to the song here
Footnote (from
"Another song from James Hogg, The Ettrick Shepherd, to celebrate his birthday on 9th December 1770. He used to claim that he shared the same birth-date as our National Bard, Robert Burns! The term Whig was used as a disparaging term for the Covenanters who fought in support of the cause of Presbyterianism in Scotland and against the succession of James VII, King of Scots, The term was later used to describe those who opposed the Jacobites and in the fullness of time, a political party: the Liberals."

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