Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Preserven el Parque Elysian

(R.U.S. Bonus): A song by M. Kelian made (relatively) famous by Pete Seeger.
The chords pattern I used was:
D Em / A D / G D / A D
But a more accurate pattern (to Pete Seeger's version), and one that actually, I prefer, is:
D A7 / - D / G D / A7 D

Que lindo el parque Eysian!
Que lindo el parque Eysian!
Que lindo! (Que lindo!), Que lindo! (Que lindo!)
Que lindo el parque Elysian!

El aire es libre amigos
El aire es libre amigos
El aire (el aire) el aire (el aire)
El aire es libre amigos

No queremos fincas en el parque!
(We don't want buildings in the park!)
Queremos el zacate* verde!
(We want the grees grass!)
El parque es suyo y mio!
(The park is yours and mine!)
Los niños necesitan el parque
(The children need the park)
No pasaran los buldozers!
(The bulldozers will not pass!)

I lived in Guadalajara for 5 months, but perhaps surprisingly, the term "zacate" never came up as far as I can remember. Oh well. Here's a glossary of Tapatío terms, including zacate.
Tapatío is the adjective (etymologically unrelated, of course) for someone and sometimes something from Guadalajara, in the great stae of Jalisco, in the great country of Mexico.

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