Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Men of the Fields (Rise Up Singing)

By Buffy Sainte-Marie
Rise Up Singing chapter: Farm and Prairie, p.54
From her album "Little Wheel Spin and Spin". I can only assume she's talking about Theravada Buddhism. (Hinayana. You know what I'm talking about.)

C - FC GC / F G C A / Dm G C Am / F Dm G -
Men of the hills, men of the valley
Men of the seasons and the soil
Strong hearts and hands molding the land
All over earth they toil

Down in the fields, nine in the morning
Day's work three hours done
Care for the corn, care for the cows
Care for the land we need

God moves the sun, noon brings the weary man
Home to his table and his grace
Bow on our knees, thankful that these
Days are our very own

Life means our work, home means our children
Love means each other every day
Hope for the best, pray for the rest
All over earth they toil

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