Thursday, June 17, 2010

If You Miss Me from the Back of the Bus (with Rob and Hector)


If You Miss Me At/From The Back Of The Bus!
(Oh Mary Don't You Weep).

This is a virtual trio.
It all began when Bob and Hector requested that Matty perform this lovely song for us on his miniature guitar with his vocal accompaniment. Moments later, when Bob arrived back in his home town, he recorded his take by listening to Matty through a headset via YouTube. After receiving Bob's recording on DVD through 'snail mail', Hec downloaded Matty's original recording and recorded his harmonica and accordion tracks to it. Using creativity, a homemade beat was formed and then added to the mix. All the clips were then mixed together to form a collaboration...and this is what came out in the virtual wash! We hope you enjoy this video as much as we had fun making it.
God bless!

Matthew Vaughan (Thailand)
Hector Awol (Australia)
Bob Hornett (Australia)

Filmed individually and edited together by 'Awol

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