Monday, June 14, 2010

Old Hundredth (Pete Seeger)

Words by Pete Seeger, Melody, Old Hundredth
Rise Up Singing chapter: Faith
D - A G D - A D - - / D - - A Bm G D A - - /
D A D A D G A Bm - - / D - - A G D A D - -

All people that on earth do dwell
Sing out for peace 'tween heaven and hell
'Tween East and West and low and high
Sing peace on earth and sea and sky

Old Hundredth, you've served many years
To sing one people's hopes and fears
But we've new verses for you now
Sing peace between the earth and plow (plough)

Sing peace between the grass and trees
Between the continents and the seas
Between the lion and the lamb
Between young Ivan and young Sam

Between the white, black, red and brown
Between the wilderness and the town
Sing peace between the near and far
'Tween Allah and the six-pointed star

The fish that swim, the birds that fly
The deepest sea, the stars on high
Bear witness now that you and I
Sing peace on earth and sea and sky

Old Hundredth, please don't think us wrong
For adding verses to your song
Sing peace between the old and young
'Tween every faith and every tongue

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