Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Have They Done to the Rain?

By Malvina Reynolds
Rise Up Singing chapter: Ecology, p.39

G AmD / D G / Em Bm / C D (in G)
Just a little rain falling all around
The grass lifts its head to the heavenly sound
Just a little rain, just a little rain
What have they done to the rain?

G AmD / BmAm G / Em Bm / C G / Am D
Just a little boy, standing in the rain
The gentle rain that falls for years
And the grass is gone, the boy disappears
And rain keeps falling like helpless tears
And what have they done to the rain?

Just a little breeze out of the sky
The leaves tap their hands as the breeze blows by
Just a little breeze with some smoke in its eye
And what have they done to the rain?

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