Monday, November 16, 2009

A Horse Named Bill

Rise Up Singing chapter: Play
Chords coming in the morning. I'm sleeping now in the Thailand time zone.
Love, Matthew

Ok, here they are: C - / F FG7 / C - / G C
Song begins at 0:34 runtime
There's a chord discussion at 3:02 runtime

I had a horse and his name was Bill / And when he ran he couldn't stand still
He ran away one day / And also I ran with him

He ran so fast he could not stop / He ran into a barbershop
And fell asleep / With his teeth in the barber's left shoulder

My horse Bill fond a grocery store / He ate some food then he ate some more
He ate, and he ate / And also I ate with him

My horse Bill he ate some more / He stayed all night in that grocery store
He ate and he ate / And also I ate with him
I'm going out in the woods next year / To shoot for gear, but not for deer

I am-I ain't / I'm a great sharpshootress

At shooting birds I am a beaut / There is no bird I cannot shoot
In the eye, in the ear / In the teeth and in the fingers

Oh, I went up in a balloon so big / That the people on earth all looked like a pig
Like a mice, Like a geese (or: "Like a giraffe, like a katydid")
Like fleases, and like flieses

The balloon turned up, with its bottom side high / It fell on the head of a country squire
She made a noise-like a steamboat / And, also, like a popsicle
(or: "She made a noise like a doghound / Like a steam whistle and like dynamite")

Oh, what could you do in a case like that? / Oh, what could you do, but stamp on your hat?
On your mother, on your toothbrush? / On anything that's useful
(or: "On anything that's helpless")

I had a gal and her name was Daisy / And when she sang the cat went crazy
With deliriums - St. Vituses - / And all kinds of cataleptics

One day she sang a song about / A man who turned himself inside out
And jumped into the river / He was so very sleepy

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