Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jacob's Ladder / We Are Building A Strong Union

This one is instructional for Jacob's Ladder as well as Sarah's Circle and We Are Building a Strong Union, which are all to the same tune.
The words are by some Marion, North Carolina Textile workers and the melody is Jacob's Ladder, a traditional Black American spiritual
Rise Up Singing chapter: Work, p.260
A - - - / E - D A / A A7 D A / - E A -
I do it in D:
D - - - / A - G D / D D7 G D / - A D -

Alternate chords at the end of the video (from the ACA Let's All Sing! songbook)
D - - - / A - AA7 GD / D Bm G GD / - A D -

We are building a strong union (3x) / Workers in the mill!
Every member makes us stronger...
We won't budge until we conquer...
We shall rise and gain our freedom

We are climbing Jacob's ladder (3x) / Soldiers of the cross
We are climbing Jacob's ladder (3x) / Brothers, sisters, all
Every rung goes higher and higher...

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