Monday, September 21, 2009


Another traditional American song (a great one)
Rise Up Singing chapter: Mountain Voices, p.143
Chords: D - - A / D G A D / G - D - / G - A D

You ought to see my Cindy, she lives away down south
She's so sweet the honey bees come swarming 'round her mouth
Get along home, Cindy, Cindy, get along home I say
Get along home, Cindy, Cindy, I'll marry you some day
[I sing another "...Cindy, Cindy" in lieu of "...I say"]

The first I seen my Cindy, she was standing in the door
Her shoes and stockings in her hand, her feet all over the floor

She took me to her parlor, she cooled me with her fan
She said I was the prettiest thing in the shape of mortal man

She kissed me and she hugged me, she called me sugar plum
She trowed her arms around me, I thought my time had come

Cindy got religion, she'd had it once before
But when she heard my old banjo, she "uz the first one on the floor

When Cindy got religion, she shouted all around
She got so full of glory, she shook her stockings down
[or: She knocked the preacher down]

I wish I had a needle as fine as I could sew
I'd sew the girls to my coattail and down the road I'd go

I wish I was an apple a-hangin on a tree
And every time my Cindy passed, she'd take a bite o' me

Cindy in the springtime, Cindy in the fall
If I can't have my own Cindy, I'll have no girl at all

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