Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Old Rosin The Beau

Traditional Irish
Rise Up Singing chapter: Good Times, p.89
C - / - Am / C CF / CG C //
C F / C Am / C CF / CG C

I live for the good of my nation
And my sons are all growing low
But I hope that the next generation
Will resemble old Rosin the Beau

Chorus (changes with the last 2 lines of each verse):
Will resemble old Rosin the Beau
Resemble old Rosin the Beau
I hope that the next generation
Will resemble old Rosin the Beau

I've traveled this country all over
And now to the next I will go
For I know that good quarters await me
To welcome old Rosin the Beau / To welcome old Rosin...

In the gay round of pleasures I've traveled
Nor will I behind leave a foe
And when my companions are jovial
They will drink to old Rosin the Beau

But my life is now drawn to a closing
As all will at last be so
So we'll take a full bumper at parting
To the name of old Rosin the Beau

When I'm dead and laid out on the counter
The people all making a show
Just sprinkle plain whiskey and water
On the corpse of old Rosin, the Beau

Then pick me out six trusty fellows
And let them all stand in a row
And dig a big hole in the meadow
And in it toss Rosin the Beau

Then bring out two little brown jugs
Place one at my head and my toe
And do not forget to scratch on them
The name of old Rosin, the Beau

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  1. Hi there. With the family out for the afternoon, I was taking the opportunity to spend some time plunking my octave mandolin. I started with Rosin the Beau stuck in my head, but was having trouble figuring out the chords, looked and the internet and there you were! So thanks for the help, and nice job!