Monday, May 25, 2009

Here's to Cheshire

New words and new music adaptation by Leslie Haworth
Rise Up Singing chapter: Play, p.169
D - G A / D A D - :// D - - - / G - D A / D - G A / D A D -

Oh, there was a little frog who lived in a well
(Ding dang dong go the wedding bells)
And a pretty little mouse lived under a mill
(Ding dang dong go the wedding bells)
Here's to cheshire, here's to cheese
Here's to the pears and the apple trees
And here's to the lovely strawberries
Ding dang dong go the wedding bells

Well froggy went a courting and he did ride / Ding...
Now miss Mouse, you must decide / Ding..
I'll have to ask my uncle Rat
And see what he does say to that
Well, uncle Rat says, "I'm much afraid
If you don't marry froggy you'll die an old maid"
Well the knot was tied secure and fast
She's off her uncle's hands at last
Well open the oysters, spill the champagne
Never will there be such a feast again
But as they were going it hot and strong
The good grey cat came prowling along
She sprang through the window right out of the yard
She didn't bring no invitation card
Uncle Rat like a hero stood
Puss wet her whiskers in his blood
Mss Mousie made a dive for a crack
Puss made a pounce and broke her back
Where was the valiant frog the while?
He just about broke the four-minute mile
Well this is the end of him and her
There won't be no tadpoles covered in fur

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