Monday, May 11, 2009

My Body

This is a song by Peter Alsop - songwriter, song leader, dad, activist, etc.
You can hear him doing it himself on YouTube:

Or go to

Rise Up Singing chapter: Home and Family
G - - D / - - - G (twice for verses)

My body's nobodies body but mine
You run your own body, let me run mine

My heart was made to be filled up with love
Not to be ordered or broken or shoved
My hands were made to hold other hands
Not to hold guns in faraway lands

My genes were made to pass on human traits
Not to be fried with your atomic waste
My womb was made to make kids when I please
Not to obey man-made laws or decrees

Our body's one body, one voice is heard
We each sing for freedom when we sing these words:

(These verses by folks at the Green Thumb Theatre, Vancouver B.C.)

My nose was made, to sniff and to sneeze
To smell what I want and to pick when I please
My lungs were made to hold air when I breathe
I am in charge of just how much I need

My legs were made to dance me around
To walk and to run and to jump up and down

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