Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Gonna Do What the Spirit Says

Traditional American Spiritual
Rise Up Singing chapter: Spirituals, p.210
Am - / - E / Am Dm / AmDm Am

I'm gonna do what the Spirit says do (2x)
And what the Spirit says do, I'm gonna do, Lord, Lord
(alt: When the Spirit says ___ I'm gonna ___ right along)
I'm gonna do what the Spirit says do

I'm gonna move when the Spirit says move...
I'm gonna pray when the Spirit says pray...
I'm gonna sing when the Spirit says sing...
I'm gonna fight when the Spirit says fight...
I'm gonna speak, dance, jump, hush when the Spirit says...
For a kid-oriented version you can include more ordinary actions like yawn, sleep, eat, etc. This might sound a little silly in a religious context, however.

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  1. kid oriented?? I dont get it. Spirituality is for adults?