Saturday, May 23, 2009

Biscuits in the Oven

(Song begins at 1:12 )
By Bill Russell
I know it from Raffi, but that's no disrespect to Bill Russell, for having written a great song. Hard to do justice to, I've found. But this video should at least give you an idea.
Rise Up Singing chapter: Play, p.167
RUS chords: C - G7 - / / C C7 F D7 / G7 - C -
But I don't think the chord pattern works as well as this one with a small but important change:
My chords: C - G7 - / / C C7 F Fm / G7 - C -

Biscuits in the oven, gonna watch 'em rise (3x)
Right before my very eyes

When they get ready gonna jump and shout (3x)
Roll my eyes and bug them out (hey hey!)

Gonna clap my hands and stomp my feet (3x)
Right before the very next beat

Gonna look both ways when I cross the street (2 pauses) (3x)
(Slowly) Gonna take my time when the light turns green

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