Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Valley of Strathmore

From Santa Barbara, in the chapter Love.
By Andy M. Stewart
Rise Up Singing chapter: Love
Verses: C F C - / F - G - ://
Chorus: Am G F - / - - G - / C F C - / F - G -

By the clear and the winding streams
In the Valley of Strathmore
Where my love and I have been
Where we'll wander nevermore

But if time were a thing man could buy
All the money that I have in store
I'd give for one day by her side
In the valley of Strathmore

From the glen and the golden and green
I left for a land far away
Where sadness has never been seen
Aye, and joy only costs a day's pay

In Strathmore there's a long working day
For a man wi' his hands on the ploo
But it's work I'd be happy tae dae
If at night I were lying wi' you

As I take a long draught from my glass
Oh, I'm drinking alone here again
And I try no tae think o' my lass
For the old days will ne'er come again

Scots words:
wi' = with (no, it's not an abbreviation, it's a word)
tae = to
dae = do
ploo = plough
no' = not
Wir ain leid = Our own language

Scots dictionary:

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