Saturday, April 10, 2010

Down at the Station

Traditional? Not attributed in the R.U.S. songbook.
Rise Up Singing chapter: Rounds, p.189

Even though we do it as two here, this is a four-part round. Here they are:
1. Down at the station, early in the morning
2. See the little puffer billies all in a row*
3. See the station master pull the little handle
4. Puff puff, toot toot, off they go!*

Alternate lines:
*2. See the little puffabillies all in a row. (This is according to Rise Up Singing, but as a kid I always sang "puffer bellies" because Sharon, Lois and Brahm did movements along with the song and the movement for that word was to mime a big round belly on yourself. The correct term is "puffer billies".)
*4. Chug, chug, woo, woo, off we go!
*4. Puff puff, woo woo, off we go!
*4. Chug chug, toot toot off they go! Etc.

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