Thursday, April 8, 2010

Calon Lân (R.U.S. Bonus)

Welsh hymn. Calon Lân translates as "Clean Heart", or, more poetically, "Pure Heart". The adjective comes second, so Calon = heart and Lân = clean/pure.

Words by Daniel James, melody by John Hughes
Arranged by Benjamin Vaughan (my brother, the tall guy).
This is a patriotic song in Wales, which is interesting, since the lyrics say nothing about Wales. This version of the English lyrics was taught to us by Ashley Penrose, who learned it from his granny. We only sing the first verse and the chorus here, but there are a few more verses to the song.

My friend Steph filmed this for us in front of the Fairmount bagel shop in Montreal. They're open all night

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