Monday, April 26, 2010

Puff the Magic Dragon Guitar Chords Lesson

For uknavynige. Thanks for asking.

G D(Bm) C G / C G A D / G D C G / C GEm AD GD

The Bm in brackets means you play either a D or a Bm. They both sound fine.

The final D in this progression is to anticipate, or set you up for, the beginning of the next verse, so on the very last line of the whole song ("in a land called Honaleeeeee...") you should drop it: C GEm AD G

If the video isn't too helpful, try following this layout. Here's how the chorus goes:

[G]Puff the magic [D]dragon [C]lived by the [G]sea
And [C]frolicked in the [G]autumn mist in a [A]land called Hona[D]lee
[G]Puff the magic [D]dragon [C]lived by the [G]sea
And [C]frolicked in the [G]autumn [Em]mist in a [A]land called [D]Hona[G]lee...[D]

And again, in the last line of the entire song, just drop that final D, so you end on G, which is your tonic.


  1. Thank you! I tried to figure out how to leave this comment on your blog but I couldn't! Sorry about that. Translation failure. But I hope you get this. I appreciate it :)

  2. I love Rise up Singing. I once bought 20 and give them to friends and family. They are pretty cheap by the score.

  3. It sounds best if you keep the minor chord so I play it in C:

    (C)Puff, the magic (Em)dragon (F) lived by the (C)sea
    And (F) frolicked in the (C) autumn mist in a (D) land called Hona)G)lee
    (C) Little Jackie (Em) Paper (F) loved that rascal (C) Puff
    And (F) brought him strings and (C’)sealing (Am’) wax and (D’) other (G’) fancy (C’)stuff. (G7’)Oh!

    (C)Puff, the magic (Em) dragon (F) lived by the (C) sea
    And (F) frolicked in the (C) autumn mist in a (D) land called Ho-nah-(G7) Lee-,
    (C) Puff, the magic (Em) dragon (F) lived by the (C) sea
    And (F) frolicked in the (C) autumn mist in a (D’) land called (G’) Ho-nah-(C) Lee. -

    It sounds really neat if you use a simple Travis style picking pattern. I use a quarter note followed by 6 eights notes. You play the quarter note by simultaneously plucking a bass string with your thumb and the 1st string with you middle finger. For the 8th notes you pluck an alternate bass string with the thumb alternating with the index and middle fingers on the 1st and 2nd strings. I write it like this where T=thumb and the numbers refer to the FINGERS you’re using: 4/4 T2,T,1,T,2,T,1 (’ after a chord indicates half a pattern)
    Lately I’m playing it with a different pattern that gives and even nicer bounce: (again, the numbers refer to fingers and T to thumb; T3 means you pluck the bass note with your thumb simultaneously with the 1st string with you index, or first finger.): T3, 2,1, T3, 2,1, T3,2. They are all eighth notes.