Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Song of Iowa (Bonus)

To the tune Lauriger Horatius, which is the tune of "O Tannenbaum" ("O Christmas Tree")
D - - A7 B7 - / - Em - A7 - D / - - - A7 B7 - / - Em - A7 - D
D - G - Em - / - A7 - - D - / - - - A7 B7 - / - Em - A7 - D

From the Iowan Secretary of State website:

The Song of Iowa
Written by S.H.M. Byers

You asked what land I love the best / Iowa, tis Iowa,
The fairest State of all the west / Iowa, O! Iowa,
From yonder Mississippis stream
To where Missouris waters gleam
O! fair it is as poets dream / Iowa, in Iowa.
See yonder fields of tasseled corn / Iowa in Iowa
Where plenty fills her golden horn / Iowa in Iowa
See how her wondrous prairies shine
To yonder sunsets purpling line
O! happy land, O! land of mine / Iowa, O! Iowa
And she has maids whose laughing eyes / Iowa, O! Iowa
To him whose loves were Paradise / Iowa, O! Iowa
O! happiest fate that eer was known
Such eyes to shine for one alone
To call such beauty all his own / Iowa, O! Iowa
Go read the story of thy past / Iowa, O! Iowa
What glorious deeds, what fame thou hast! / Iowa, O! Iowa
So long as times great cycle runs
Or nations weep their fallen ones
Thoult not forget thy patriot sons / Iowa, O! Iowa


The State Banner:
Officially adopted in 1921, the blue stripe stands for loyalty, justice and truth; the white for purity, and the red for courage.

The Mighty Oak:
Designated as the official state tree in 1961, it was chosen because it is abundant in the state and serves as shelter, food and nesting cover for birds and animals.

The Wild Rose:
Designated as the official state flower in 1897, it was one of the decorations used on the silver service that the state presented to the battleship USS Iowa that same year.

The Goldfinch:
Designated as the official state bird in 1933, it was chosen because it is commonly found in Iowa and often stays through the winter. It is also known as the eastern or American goldfinch or the wild canary.

The Geode:
Designated as the official state rock in 1967, it is one of the rarest and most beautiful of rocks; Iowa is known for its presence. Geodes have a hard outer shell but when broken open, sparkling mineral crystals are revealed.
Here are links to "Lauriger Horatius", including Latin words and sheet music:

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