Friday, January 29, 2010

Father's Whiskers

Rise Up Singing chapter: Funny Songs, p.71

Chords: G - A - / D7 - - G ://

We have a dear old father to whom we dearly pray
He has a set of whiskers, they're always in the way
Oh, they're always in the way, the cows eat them for hay
They hide the dirt on father's shirt, they're always in the way

We have a dear old mother, with him at night she sleeps
She wakes up in the morning eating shredded wheat

We have a dear old brother, he has a Ford machine
He uses father's whiskers to strain his gasoline

We have a dear old sister, it really is a laugh
She sprinkles father's whiskers as bath salts in her bath

Father has a son, his name is Sonny Jim
He wants to grow some whiskers, but father won't let him

Father has a daughter, her name is Ella-Mae
She climbs up father's whiskers and braids them all the way

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