Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Only a Wee Wee

By Peter Alsop (
Rise Up Singing chapter: Men, p.140
G C / D G ://

As soon as you're born grown-ups check where you pee
And then they decide just how you're gonna be
Girls pink and quiet, boys noisy and blue
Seems like a dumb way to choose what you'll do

It's only a wee-wee so what's the big deal?
It's only a wee-wee so why all the fuss?
It's only a wee-wee and everyone's got one
There are (There's) better things to discuss!

Now girls must use make-up, girls' names and girls' clothes
And boys must use sneakers but not panty hose
The grown-ups will teach you the rules to their dance
And if you get confused they'll say "Look in your pants!"

If I live to be nine, I won't understand
Why grown-ups are tot'ly obsessed with their glands
If I touch myself "Don't you do that!" I'm told
And they treat me like I might explode!

Grown-ups watch closely each move that we make
Boys must not cry and girls must bake cake
It's all very formal and I think it smells
Let's be abnormal and act like ourselves!

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