Monday, February 9, 2009

Green Grow the Rushes

Note from Matthew: Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce Steve: a new collaborator on the Rise Up Singing project. We don't know each other, of course, we just happen to have some intersecting interests, obviously. So, this blog has been pretty much just me up until now, but from now on, if anyone else posts a song for the project on YouTube, I'll post it here too, if they don't mind. That way this can be a one-stop resource for people who want all the tunes and chords to Rise Up Singing songs and don't want to bother typing "Rise Up Singing" into a YouTube search.
Here's Steve. Enjoy!

Green Grow the Rushes from the Rise Up Singing Songbook
G - GD G I'll sing you ___ oh, green grow the rushes, oh!
G - What is your ___ oh?
Verse 1: G C D G
Verse 2: G C A D
Verse 3: G D Em D
Verse 4: G -
Verses 5 - 12: G - / D G

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